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Month of (Good Things) Sundays

Forget, Focus, and Carry On - Mel Stringer

+ It has officially been a month of Sundays! Wednesday of this upcoming week will mark one month of daily Bossy Femme posts and I’m having so much fun so far. Thanks for reading, folks. The fact that you’re out there makes me feel way less embarrassed about checking my site stats every ten minutes.

This shawl looks so great with Des's hair and the fancy lace top she had on. Best gifting decision ever.


+ Spontaneous secret gift exchange: I finished knitting my Mizzle shawl and I really, really love it. Still, as I was knitting I realized that the shawl fits in much better with Desiree’s earthy hip mama style than it does with mine. I’m hoping she’ll do an outfit post with it so you can see all the details.

Des took this quick outfit photo in Glow yesterday.

In the meantime, Des gifted me this pair of hot highlighter pink WONDER JEGGINGS that I have been coveting forever and ever. The timing couldn’t be better because every single pair of jeans that I own have huge holes worn in the inside of the upper thigh. Sexy, hey? I’m pretty sure I will wear them most days of the week. There’s a blue floral pair that I also feel like I need on my bod.

Safe travels Kate! This move included a car-filled just with houseplants! I loved imagining this mobile garden moving down the highway in the middle of the winter.

+ Best friends! Remember how I said just as an aside that my friends were moving on Thursday like it was no big deal and I was totally fine? Um, Thursday came & I moved boxes out of three apartments into one enormous moving van. As I hugged Meagh goodbye I started sobbing and laughing hysterically all at once.  She said, “You’re a tough guy” and I wasn’t sure if she was reassuring me or reminding herself of that fact. I am so happy for them and so proud to have people in my life that mean so much to me, but oh man. I was just undone. There aren’t many situations where I get so unmoored from my tough unaffected femme stance. But that’s what big meaningful friendships do: they change your life and they make your heart ache. Nick Ferrio let me cry into his jacket in the middle of the street like the great dude that he is. Thanks babe.

+ Have been tracking my expenses this week as an effort to better manage my cash (what little there is of it) and it is absolutely helping me to feel more in control. I know I had been using the fact that my budget is pretty much paycheck-to-paycheck as an excuse to not be very organized about money. It does feel a bit funny to be writing down how much your beer cost when it’s last call at the bar, but hey, whatever works.

Julia Caron laid the smackdown on tumblr this week about how [OUR] FEMINISM WILL BE INTERSECTIONAL OR IT WILL BE BULLSHIT. Absolutely read both of those posts!

This femme ferret is into accessorizing.

+ Des included these happy animals in her “Fawned Friday” post this week and I think I might set that post as my home page.

+ Locals, tonight is Nick Ferrio and His Feelings, Grey Kingdom, & a chicken dinner at the Spill. 7pm, $5, or $15 with dinner. Get your butt out tonight and hang with me!


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