On Friday night I went to Artspace to the opening of Diane Gougeon‘s “Pffut!” The majority of the installation is composed of hundreds of balloons that read, In the long run, we are all dead. I’m no art critic so I’ll just say that it felt like being in a brightly-lit & slightly macabre hipster prom.

Kate checking out the photographs included in the installation:

I think this young lady is named Kristen. We’re not pals (yet?) but I couldn’t resist a photo of her looking so sweet:

I was too shy to take the outfit photos I wanted to get with so many fancy art people around so here is one of my (all black!) outfit in the blue-lit coatroom, as well as a bathroom-shot of my new cobalt blue hair & a gratuitous “my tights are silver!” photo that includes my new boots.

PS: This post is named after The Weeknd’s debut, but I bet you knew that. If you didn’t, you can download all the mixtapes at that link for free.

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3 responses to “HOUSE OF BALLOONS”

  1. alagarconniere says :

    OMG i’m so jealous!!! it looks amazing!

    oh yeah and pretty art too


  2. carly says :

    Ahhhh, stop it!! How is it even possible for you to have the best hair every.single.time…it’s totally unfair!

    Okay, I still like you… :)

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