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Fashion Blog Friday

I feel really into continuing my grey, navy, & black colour palette into spring, with lots of texture & pops of bright colour.

I think my favourite of all time fashion blog has gotta be KNIT GRANDEUR, (& the corresponding tumblr, idreamofaworldofcouture.) I found this street shot from Paris Men’s fashion week in an entry about printed sweaters. Loving the mixed prints & the sort of scroll-down-to-summer mood that the sweater and shorts combo conveys.

Printed Sweaters at Knit Grandeur

When I read one of Cuffington’s “Black Friday” entry last week I knew I’d found something of a kindred spirit. She says, “It’s March, the birdies are a-chirpin’ and the sun is wearing sunglasses. And what do I wear? Black.” Tell me about it, lady! These details are perfect. Cuffington blends designer and vintage finds like no one else. Love her.

Black Friday details

A bunch of photos from Rachel Stewart Jewelry drifted across my tumblr dashboard this week and I did – what’s the online version of a double-take? A re-scroll? Obviously it would be weird if I wore some of the stuff she makes, but I just LOVE the fact that someone’s making huge, statement-sized “Young, gifted, and black” necklaces, for instance.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry

Head to toe, I’d wear everything that Momo has on here – the tights layered with socks! The gold shoes! The acid wash jacket! Two kinds of (faux?) fur!

13-year-old me and 26-and-a-half year old me would equally covet teeveedinner’s floral, Daria-style Sick, Sad World vest.

teeveedinner's daria vest

As usual, Solange Knowles is knocking it outta the park on her blog this week. If you’re gonna mix prints, you may as well mix some fucking prints.

Solange's mixed prints

How many times are you allowed to say “my favourite blog” in one post? Okay, my favourite blog, TRANSIENT EXPRESSION, has a tutorial for some pom-pom earrings that I am totally going to make. If I can shut off tumblr. I know, it’s good to have goals.

Click the photos to see photo sources in full. Have a good weekend!


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