Good Things Sunday

Patio Babe

  • This week began with a sudden offer to take part in a huge opportunity – possibly the biggest commitment I’ve ever taken on. I’m still working out all the details, but the short version is that I should get to do something creative, fun, & fashionable with a best best friend.  Or at least to help her bring a big dream to fruition. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty.
  • Thinking about how to make this project happen crystallized a lot of goals for me & showed me how I could step up my game. I’ve been feeling like I need to be pushing myself harder but wasn’t sure where to apply force – now I have a much much better idea which is making me feel so super energized.

Patio Pal

  • I’ll be living alone in April & to prepare I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, home decor daydreaming & bonding big-time with my puppy.
  • I loved reading this Fiona Apple concert review at Geometric Sheep. Now to get her to play Toronto…
  • Worked a lot at my vintage clothes job this week. Bought myself a sheer leopard print top that I plan to wear with everything all summer.
  • Got invited to my new friend Sasha’s house with some other knitters. We ate mac and cheese and made things and watched Buffy. I am hoping that carbs, yarn, and 90s tv becomes a weekly event.


  • Springtime means transitioning from drinking coffee-flavoured beer to gin in everything. Someone directed me toward a cocktail called “the bee’s knees” (she made hers with home-infused lavender honey!) and that’s definitely gonna happen pronto.
  • For the next few days, most of Baby Eagle will descend on my house. I’m excited to see all my pals again. I’m cooking them this pinterest-famous roasted red pepper pasta for dinner tonight.
  • Made time for a manicure for the first time in awhile & was delighted to find out that my new nail polish is, in fact, snot green. Chartreuse forever!
  • New ridiculous Azealia Banks track! Fuck up the Fun!
  • Not sure that I can afford either, but still: help me decide between these black dansko & yellow ugglebo clogs. 

Dansko Thea

Ugglebo Victoria

3 responses to “Good Things Sunday”

  1. carly says :

    I’m excited about your exciting opportunity! I also am kind of dying to know what it is ;) Also, yellow Ugglebos! I’m a tag bias but they are seriously so awesome and comfy!

  2. Margot Buote says :

    Yes to yellow!
    Also, carbs, yarn and 90s TV? Wish I lived there!

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