Good Things Sunday: Everything.

print by Jen Renninger

I know that I’ve said before that I have been having this vague feeling of wanting to step my game up but not quite knowing how. This week I figured out how to look at my life & see the possibilities: multiple & conflicting & unsettled but definitely there.

& the rest:

  • Found out that some friends are getting married on my birthday! I am so giddy for them. & for the biggest birthday party ever.
  • I’m still high on the good vibes from visiting my best friends this week.
  • Had some charming North Carolinians stay over at the house. I always love when someone is around who knows how to play our piano. They laughed at all my band girlfriend jokes & showed me photos of their dogs on their phones. Perfect houseguests.
  • Fiona Apple’s new album.

Audrey Hepburn on set during filming for Funny Face.

  • I am usually a knitting-and-tv kinda gal but I’ve been feeling inspired to see more film lately. I watched “Funny Face” again & loved it better than the first time. So many important things about it and only some of those things are related to how it inspired Beyonce’s Countdown video. I am sure I posted this before but I don’t give a fuck.

  • Trying to figure out summer dressing – I definitely prefer to wear layers. Carly’s “Ode to Fall” is absolutely true for me too. Bring back the boots & the knitwear. Today I realized that what I have on is exactly the outfit that I would wear to bike to dance lessons back in the day. Tights & a tiny mini & a longline bra with a floaty sheer dress over it. Like two totally unrelated outfits being worn simultaneously. Basically I am a babe. Um. Not.
  • I just bought a tripod so that someday soon I can take actual photos that are not using a webcam. I know you’re stoked! Get ready for the outfit posts.
  • This “What I did the Summer After I Graduated” post from The Rejectionist is really, really good. It feels like it was written about my city, too.

When you are a woman or a girl or female no one says to you Look, artists who are great take without asking and take and take and do not apologize because when you are a woman or a girl or female the only thing you are supposed to take is a lot of other people’s shit. No one says to you Be sure you are strong enough to take and not apologize and keep going when the taking leaves you nothing to go back to. Be sure you are strong enough to steal and live alone with what you’ve chosen to make yours.

  • Mom and daughter shopping sprees are my favourite part of my job.
  • Thankful for the way that having a long distance BF means that we somehow get to talk much more than we do otherwise. About real stuff, I mean. It’s the biggest silver lining of all.

5 responses to “Good Things Sunday: Everything.”

  1. illusclaire says :

    I also had this summer dressing problem until so recently. The secret for me: stuff that’s gathered. It’s like micro-layering, kind of.

    Glad to hear your good things!

  2. Alexandra Barlow says :

    i just posted the countdown video this past week too, one of the best songs ever. add in love on top and i am in love.

  3. Brooke A. Medlin says :

    Yeahhhh, I’m not into summer dressing. It’s so hot, my hair is so frizzy, I am so sweaty, etc. HOWEVER. I did just buy some bossyfemme inspired (seriously, I never would have bought them had I not seen you rocking the whole shorts+tights thing) sequin hot pants and super opaque tights for winter, and that’s nice.

    • bossyfemme says :

      If my work inspires even one person to wear more sequins, it will have been enough. :)

      If winter ever gets here, I want to see photos!

  4. J says :

    Thanks for introducing me/us to The Rejectionist. I almost just cried a little, reading that post.


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