Homebody Lifestyle: Autumn.

After a busy & social August I treated myself to lots of home alone time this weekend. I feel amazing & much more like myself.

I’m thinking about “Home making.”

It seems like a phrase with lots of potential for deliberate creativity, despite the traditional & perhaps anti-feminist connotations that it is bogged down with.

I do hate feeling solely responsible for the hard labour of keeping a house tidy, but I love making my house comfortable & beautiful. Spending time doing that (within my means) refreshes me in ways that I often underestimate.

Today, Gretchen Rubin’s newest book, Happier at Home, is officially out, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Reading her blog always gives me a bit of a lift & provides lots to ponder in the pursuit of a homebody dreamlife.

Apple Sangria @ Spoon Fork Bacon

What I’ve been up to:

  • Making fancy fall drinks. Apple sangria!
  • Indulging my pumpkin spice obsession. According to S-bux, the day after Labour Day is the official start of Pumpkin Spice season & tho I try to limit my six dollar coffee spending, I have plans of my own. Alright, I have a Pumpkin Spice Pinterest board. Don’t judge me. I’ve been sprinkling pumpkin spice blend into my coffee for a month at least, but it’s time to go bigger. Give me your recommendations.

Gingko Shoulderette Shawl by Maggie Magali

  • Knitting up a storm. I can tell that lots of you have knitting on the brain too because my Ravelry friend activity is busy! I’m working on a version of this beautiful Gingko Shawl (in black, duh.) But I’m also thinking about the Umaro blanket, a Check Slouch hat, and, yes, Age of Acid Empires. I reorganized my yarn stash so that everything is within reach & I feel unstoppable.
  • Getting very very excited about football starting up again. Steelers are playing the Sunday night game & I hope to be somewhere with beer & cheese carbs & some friends for that. Sports knitting is the best knitting.
  • Channeling some angry and anxious feelings into an epic weed-pulling session. Take that, back yard.
  • A friend gave me three years’ worth of fashion mags & sorting through them (noticing the space they take up, the weight of them) is giving me lots to ponder about the time & attention that women are “supposed” to spend on this stuff. Reflecting on ways that my own “femme style as self-care” routine is similar to & different from that sort of prescriptive female labour.
  • Doing my nails.
  • Setting up my sewing machine & feeling closer than ever to being able to do the basic projects, repairs, & alterations I’ve been meaning to learn.
  • Taking advantage of the fact that I am not going back to school to read whatever I want, but still avidly.
  • Remembering the line in Tanya Davis’s ever-important poem. “If you have an art that needs a practice, don’t neglect it.”

What about you people? Are you back to school? Work? I know it isn’t officially fall for a few more weeks, but I’m ready.

Let’s do this.

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6 responses to “Homebody Lifestyle: Autumn.”

  1. Claire N says :

    I love weeding. I love it! So relaxing AND useful, it really makes a difference in a vegetable patch.

  2. allthesoftplaces says :

    Iris, I love everything about this post! <3

  3. sibee says :

    I’m making the Ginko Shawlette right now too … and I think I was working on the Simmer Dim shawl around the same time you were. We may have Knitting ESP (K-ESP).

  4. madebymarika says :

    Fall makes me want to cook and quilt and knit and snuggle. I’ve sorted through my fabric stash in two days, stuffed ziplock bags scraps organized by colour. My yarn stash has been thinned too. A pile of yarn and reject fabric is sitting on the spare room/studio floor, Soon it’ll be sent to a nearby textile school. Tomorrow night I make roasted butternut squash soup. I’m ready for fall too.

  5. marandaelizabeth says :

    This entry is beautiful! I also spend a lot of time intentionally creating a home, and thinking about what that means in terms of self-care and living the kind of life I wanna live. I recently moved, and have roommates for the first time in quite a few years, so I am navigating creating a cozy corner in a house full of others who may have different ideas of what makes a home.

    Autumn is my favourite season! I’m so excited to be wearing layers and boots again, and I also had my first pumpkin spice latté of the season the other day.

    • bossyfemme says :

      Feeling so flattered that you are reading my blog. ;)
      I remember you writing recently about your new apartment & I hope it brings you everything you seek and then some.

      I’ve been thinking a lot more about home as I try to figure out how to live my values more, especially when it comes to being accountable with my money & body. I think that means more time at home & less time/money spent at the bar. I’ve been reading a lot of books that I didn’t think I had time for & doing a lot more writing & cooking & making in general, and it has felt just right.

      I hope you’ll write more about this yourself – it’s great to hear how other people consider these ideas. Happy pumpkin spice season!


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