Best & Bossiest: Trash Talk & Yarn

Anne Eunson’s Shetland Lace fence, photographed by Kate Davies

  • Kate Davies made a visit to Shetland recently & documented this beautiful handmade lace fence. I’m enchanted. I’d love to take on some large-scale knitting projects someday. Click through to see more, bigger photos of this.
  • Glenna C. is doing a weekly series about how to navigate the many decisions that knitters make when knitting a sweater. On the Subject of Sweaters: Part 3 is about choosing & substituting yarns. I have such a crush on these swatches, which, for you non-knitters out there, help you to make sure that the sweater you knit will turn out in the size you want. If you are a knitter, check out those posts, because they are full of resources that I haven’t come across elsewhere.

  • I believe I’m doomed to be a football nerd forever but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get that the culture of the NFL has its problematic elements. I love when sports gets political. I chuckled my way through this letter that punter Chris Kluwe wrote to a Minnesota lawmaker who suggested that NFL players should be prevented from making public statements in favour of gay marriage.

ANTI-YOU tee from Blood of the Young

  • I’ve had a week filled with people being assholes & I was so done with that shit. When I saw that my brother had released bad attitude ANTI-YOU tees in the Blood of the Young web store I wondered whether my chronic bitchface is actually¬†hereditary.

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