Not buying it: Month One.

Here’s a word that makes you super popular in the fashion blogging world: Budgeting.

Sexy, right? I haven’t said anything here because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but I just finished my first month of tracking my expenses.

I feel great. In July, I wrote This Scarcity Mentality Can Go Fuck Itself, & at the time, I was reminding myself to appreciate the good things in life that don’t involve having a lot of money. Now, I realize it was also a first attempt at writing some financial goals. At the time, lots of those felt impossible, but at this moment, I feel like I will be able to get there. I don’t mean tomorrow or anything, but someday.

Shopping Cart pattern by Kate Bingaman-Burt

This is not a shopping blog.

I’ve always said this. Insofar as fashion is expression, I like looking at and talking about my clothes & what others wear. It’s never been a goal to get my readers to buy the things I’ve bought, which is probably why no one offers me a lot of free stuff to wear and review.

I feel more strongly than ever that this can’t be a shopping blog. I haven’t actually been doing much shopping. But it’s more than that –  it’s more important to be financially secure than it is to buy your way into feeling trendy or beautiful or happy.  I wonder about & feel complicit in ways that ladyblogging extends the kind of “Third Shift” that Naomi Wolf wrote in The Beauty Myth. Shift one: work outside the home. Shift two: housework. Shift three: spending $$$ and time labouring in the pursuit of conventional beauty. Shift four?: documenting your appearance, photographing it as professionally as possible, putting it on the internet, & then promoting and branding the shit out of it.

I know that there is something more complex and rewarding happening, or so many of us wouldn’t do it. For one thing, femme labour for me is often grounding & affirming, not alienating. But still, I want to notice when & how capitalism works alongside those practices.

Everyone ever will tell you that if you want to have a popular blog you have to post a lot of original photos of cute things. That isn’t free. But this format also makes it so, so hard to get people to pay attention to text-heavy posts about intangible things – you know, like ideas. Values. Feelings.

& I want to write about that stuff, so I am going to. What are you anti-capitalist, poor, broke, or money-savvy femmes sayin?

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4 responses to “Not buying it: Month One.”

  1. linds_e says :

    “this format also makes it so, so hard to get people to pay attention to text-heavy posts about intangible things – you know, like ideas. Values. Feelings.”

    That, my friend, is *exactly* why I like your blog. I mean, you have totally rad style that I appreciate, but if it were only about the style… I would not be clicking thru to read your posts. There is no bigger turn off for me than when awesome, smart ladies only spend their mental energy on that “shift four” stuff!

  2. caro says :

    I have stopped reading my blog roll altogether lately. It became too much of an investment in time just to read. Then, it triggers lots of wants. I love shopping and cute things, but I also recognize that I live in more of a financial mess than I ought to because of that. What’s a girl to do?

  3. Caroline says :

    Hey, I got to your blog via those boards-that-were-once-yellow, and while I’ve been there less lately, I really appreciate everything you have to say on here. I’m all for text-heavy posts! Yay ideas!

    I just started a month of tracking my expenses, and it feels like a big step towards financial security. I’m well aware that wealth and security for me is going to look very different than it does for my parents, and I’m just learning how important goal setting and taking stock of your resources is for defining those things.

    Thanks for not being a shopping blog!

  4. emmamulligan says :

    So effin’ true.


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