Posters are still up for Maranda and Dave's Zine Launch & I love seeing them because that was a great day.

Posters are still up for Maranda and Dave’s Zine Launch & I love seeing them because that was a great day.

Jason Molina died. Today I just wanna share a big mug of tea & a hug with the people who that matters to. Everyone has their song that particularly speaks to them but mine is Songs: Ohia – “Didn’t it Rain” from Didn’t it Rain.

no matter how dark the storm gets overhead

they say someone’s watching from the calm at the edge

what about us when we’re down here in it
we gotta watch our own backs

if they think you got it they’re going to beat it out of you
through work and debt whatever all else there is

you got to watch your own back
try to see the light of goodness burning down the track
through the blinding rain through the swaying wires
if i see you struggle i will not turn my back

Who can we be without the people who surround us. Thank you to my people. & oh, I am feeling ever grateful to have these songs, and sad that there can’t be more.

This has been a week of continuance & acceptance: no, springtime weather does not begin in March, in Ontario. At this point it’s just knowing that the weather forecast says snow, again, and deciding how to thrive in it.

The days feel well-spent.

  • I finished knitting my first sweater & am waiting for the buttons to come in the mail. Can’t wait to wear it everywhere! Sweater knitting is one of my long, long, long term goals & once again I found myself wondering, “If I can do this, what else can I do?” 
  • Drinking a lot of tea. The kind with the glittery sugar, sent to me by a friend. Green tea with brown rice. A homemade hot toddy.
  • I hosted my very first Quiet Party yesterday & hosted a delightful crew of knitters and letter-writers through the afternoon and early evening. It always feels good to have great people hangin’ out at home. I have so many talented & creative friends. So glad that Amber and Maranda have started popularizing this concept.
  • Somehow I have been waking up even earlier with the time change & all of a sudden I am having these bright, productive mornings.
  • Yesterday I baked cookies. I don’t even remember the last time I did something like that. Simple! Delicious. Handmade. Filled with espresso & coffee obvs.

  • New Shotgun Jimmie album is so good and it is streaming on Exclaim! right now & it’s Jimmie’s birthday so yeah.
  • This morning in the mail I received a pair of boots that my mom had taken home, had repaired, & shipped back to me. Like wearing a new pair of shoes that you have already worked in! Thanks mom.
  • Some friends started a new band and that band is amazing. When they have a place on the internet I’ll link y’all. Also saw The Highest Order & they were amazing, too. You can stream that Highest Order record for one more day, get on it.
  • Working away on projects that have been on my mind for so long. So many craft supplies on their way to me! This cold weather feels like an enforced knitting residency, or as Tanya Davis would tell you, “If you have an art that needs a practice, don’t neglect it.”
  • Intense budgeting helps my brain relax.
  • At least snow is pretty when you watch it through the window.

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