Dress rehearsal press photo

Photo by Clifford Skarstedt for The Peterborough Examiner

Dusk Dances ends tonight

& so does my dance career, for now at least. I can’t overstate how good this experience has been. I was so worried that I would feel so nervous about being looked at by big audiences that something unspeakably awful would happen.

Instead though, I find these moments where there is just spaciousness and freedom in my body, moving in unison with other bodies, under a big big sky. Dancing makes me feel like nothing else in the world & I wish there was somewhere here that I could dance regularly. There are a couple more photos of the piece on Esther’s blog, too. I love looking at pictures of us dancing because I never get to see it from this angle myself!

Stayed up way too late last night watching The Highest Order play a tiny set to a couple of dozen people. Strange to think that next weekend I will be seeing them at Sappyfest in a crowd of many hundreds.

Quebec City sky, December 2011

Quebec City sky, December 2011

In two days I’m going to be in Quebec City & ¬†while I’ve been so thrilled at the idea of seeing my friends there, I’m just remembering now about the cobblestone streets, the beautiful old houses with huge windows, painted bright colours, all the fancy cheese and satisfying cooked-from-scratch food culture in general… it always feels like going to a different country or going back in time & I’m really ready for a drastic change of scenery.

Today is seven damn months of internet flirting with my sweetheart. Every single day is better than the one before.

Bridget helped me to learn how to knit socks two at a time, from the toe up. (This way you can try on as you go and the pair should end up exactly the same size.) I really like this method because knitting tiny toe nubbins is the most adorable thing. Aww!

& it keeps going:

Sunny days with a big breeze; fancy salads; sitting on a patio late at night & then early in the morning; things in jars; reading in the bathtub; sleeping in; buying new albums & listening to them in full at work; mother-daughter vintage shopping teams; iced coffee just how I like it; hearing new stories from old friends.

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