Pink blooms.

Pink blooms.

The other day a friend asked me if I was “still blogging”

& since it’s been a month since my last entry, I guess that’s a fair question. I was starting to feel like the most optimistic broken record, or worse, like I was bragging. I think I should just try to relax & appreciate the positive constants in my life, hey?

Mr. Tiny Cat

My friends Sasha and Hannah adopted this kitten.

St. Lawrence selfies.

Selfie-taking standing in the St. Lawrence river.

Beauty view.

Beauty view.

At the beach with Simon.

At the beach with Simon.

Tegan & Sara!

Tegan & Sara!

Julia and I found out we had free tickets to see Tegan and Sara just a few hours before the show started. No one danced harder, sang louder, or wore shorter hemlines to this thing than we did. I bought their second record, This Business of Art, in the year 2000, so I guess I have been a fan for THIRTEEN YEARS now. I know this photo is terrible, and I don’t care, because I was having the most fun.

Sappyfest 8!

Sappyfest 8!

This was my first year at Sappy as “just a fan” & since all Sappyfests are great, I can’t say that this one was the best yet, but it was a damn good time with some really lovely friends. I took almost no photos. My highlights included incredible veg-friendly food from Black Duck & Food Wolf. The first time I went to Sackville my only food option was grilled cheese for every single meal. I am still daydreaming about those Food Wolf Kimchi dogs.

Additional highlights: watching Shotgun Jimmie from the front row, late night dorm room after parties, Sarah Neufeld’s incredible church set, being pulled into a lady-dominated mosh pit that smelled amazing, homemade doughnuts from the Sackville Saturday farmer’s market, and oh yeah, being able to introduce my boyfriend to my best friend.

Iced coffee with Julia.

Iced coffee at Black Duck with Julia.

Quality time.

Quality time.

It goes without saying that a long weekend of international romance with this dude was…there isn’t a word for “happiness” that is big enough.

This year as an added bonus I got to spend some time in Halifax on the way back, spending all my dollars on iced coffee and fancy cheese plates. Spending time knitting, buying vacation yarn from The Loop, sitting on a rooftop patio, laughing a ton.

Iced coffee in Halifax.

Iced coffee in Halifax.

Back home,

Things are still pretty great, even if they do seem slow and ordinary by comparison. I’m almost finished a sweater. I’ve been spending a lot of time selling vintage clothes. We’ve been doing a bunch of in store shows at the shop, too! This weekend was the Peterborough Folk Festival & I got to see Jennifer Castle play TWICE, including a tiny show on a little island (!!!) This city sure does have its magic moments, every once in awhile.

Today I am seeing my parents for a double-virgo birthday dinner. I made fancy ice cream to go with it, even. What could be better?

Don't get your hopes up.

Don’t get your hopes up.

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5 responses to “GOOD THINGS BY REQUEST”

  1. Desiree Fawn says :

    LOVE. And I’m so glad to see an update, girlfriend. Date soon??

  2. alagarconniere says :

    I remember when you took that photo of the flower!
    I’m still so jealous you got to go to the water with Simon while I had to work!
    I’m still SO HAPPY we got to have so much fun at Tegan and Sara!



  3. Claire Napier says :

    That st lawrence river selfie is just smashing.

    Hollyhock’s not bad either!

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