Kitchen, by ybryksenkova

Kitchen, by ybryksenkova

Absolutely nothing is more relaxing

than puttering around in my kitchen. More often than not, times when I settle down to the task of nourishing myself is when I can actually feel something like self-care. Right this second I am waiting for an improvised batch of soup to cool down enough to eat, my apartment is cozy and fragrant, and the rest of the evening is spreading itself out in front of me with all the promise of hours alone with nothing in particular to do.

When possible, I like to cook for a date.

It’s fun to flirt over a sink full of dishes, it’s heartening to watch raw ingredients turn into a meal lovingly cooked, it’s nice to have someone to make jokes with over the din of pots and pans. I like drinking a beer with someone as dinner simmers. In the back of my mind I have these cherished memories of looking over at the handsomest smiling man, tea towel draped over one shoulder, reaching up for a kiss in front of a bubbling stove. The simplest things about love, about home, are often the best.

Sometimes self-care is about starches.

Sometimes self-care is about starches.

But I love myself that much, too.

When I’m alone, I mix my own drinks. I feed myself samples of fancy cheese, I eat spoonfuls of food right out of the pot, I listen to podcasts and laugh out loud. I watch sports and yell at the tv. I add extra greens and extra black pepper to every dish, because that’s what pleases me. I buy squares of dark chocolate & fancy fruit and save them for special occasions.

Especially when those special occasions are nights in, alone, but not at all lonely.

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3 responses to “GOOD THINGS, FULL BELLIES”

  1. Breanne says :

    You need to come over for dinner next time you’re here. Bring your fella. I think we will have fine times.

    This is all to say: I love this, and I feel this way too. I make a lot of seduction jokes around food, just because it’s the transient nature of pleasure. They’re all, to me at least, related. If I make you a meal, and if I make you a recipe I love dearly, I am trying to tell you I care about you. Sometimes that means pantsfeelings, sometimes it doesn’t, but there’s something wonderful and comforting and primal and rather intimate about having a nourishing, sensual experience together.

    And with that, I turned into Will Ferrell’s hot tub professor character from SNL.

    • bossyfemme says :

      I’d be thrilled to come for dinner! And I’d love to bring my person, too, tho I think you two should probably just go ahead and be friends NOW, since you can. ;)

  2. missteacups says :

    I love these posts of yours. I love your way with words Iris.


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