uilnej's knit fast die warm patch

uilnej’s knit fast die warm patch

Being an in-public knitter

and frequent instagrammer of my in-progress knits, people tend to send me any and all fiber-related stuff that they come across. I have probably seen these art works, articles, and memes already, because I am seriously yarn-obsessed, but I love to be thought of this way. Today’s blog headline comes from a tipsy text message my boyfriend sent me about a punk lady he spotted at a show who had a “knit fast, die warm” patch on the back of her studded vest. I wish we could be friends.



  • Someone referred a customer to the shop I work at by saying, “If there’s a girl behind the counter knitting, that’s Iris.” I’m happy to be known that way (though I do actually work at work, too.)
  • This week it snowed, more than once, which means I can wear all those things that I spend so much time knitting. One day this week I managed five handknits in one outfit without really thinking about it.
  • I have been trying hard to wear vintage & handmade clothes as often as I can manage for style, quality, and labour ethics type reasons. I love buying my supplies at my best friend’s store, I love supporting indie designers when I buy patterns, and I really like this style direction, too.
  • As well, I have been doing some fancy underwear upgrading. The prospect of wearing the same damn jacket with the same damn pair of boots for the next six months seems far less tedious with something new and fun underneath. I’m talking about both high quality warm wool socks and more unmentionable pieces, which, duh, I’m not mentioning here. I’ve been wearing more perfume for the same reason.
  • My favourite winter layering tip, by the way, is solid-coloured tights with patterned, fishnet, or lace tights over top. Fancy!
coveting these constellation leggings from minxshop

coveting these constellation leggings from minxshop

Further to last week’s winter self-care reminders,

I have been thinking about setting some new guidelines for myself that should help me feel more productive and energetic. Often I spend my evenings alone in my apartment, knitting up a storm with the tv for company, but I’m already feeling stuck for things to do. So, I’m committing to:

  1. Sticking to a consistent bedtime. Yes, like you would with a little kid. I set an alarm on my phone and when it goes off, I go to sleep. Deciding when to go to bed is in itself exhausting, I think. Hopefully this will transition into waking up early enough to go for a morning walk, but one thing at a time.
  2. Picking a TV time limit. Yep…like a kid. I like suspenseful tv, but too much of it makes me agitated. I’ve really learned to monitor how the media I consume affects my mood, and this should help. I’m planning to switch to podcasts and audiobooks for background noise when my time is up, please comment with your favourites of each. If there’s new music I should be into, tell me about  that, too, why not?
  3. Fine-tuning my eating choices. I haven’t blogged about this because in general I think that what people eat is their own damn business, but I have all but cut gluten and added sugar from my diet in an effort to curb the carbs/sweets cravings that go along with SAD and yes, I have found it helpful. For me. You do you though.

Also on my listening list is this new talk from bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry. Seriously important stuff.

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2 responses to “GOOD THINGS KNIT FAST —”

  1. Jessica says :

    Dear Bossyfemme,
    Although I don’t regularly read blogs, I come back to yours from time to time because its got Stayin’ Power. I too am enthusiastic about knitting things and self care. Do you have any favourite blogs that you’d like to share?

  2. DH says :

    Iris, I know you are having new kinds of fun right now but … We miss You! Nothing from you since 2013!! I hope all your fans leave a comment here asking for your return.


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